More than just a Luxury travel pack

The TLX travel & lifestyle experience

Save upto 60%

on luxury travels, hotels, restaurants & themed trips


TLX is a exclusive subscription on
“travel & lifestyle” that gives you bigger discounts at luxury hotels, resorts, restaurants, events and festival.


The TLX booking website is based on a monthly recurring subscription. This TLX subcribtion allows you to book 4-5 star luxury accommodations. The average discount is much higher than the well-know booking portals. The travel discounts go upto 60%.

The beauty of it is that you can save big on your on you luxury travel budget or you can go for an upgrade in quality with your usual budget.

TLX is a brand new luxury travel package created by the IM mastery academy as a way to facilitate exclusive traveling at more affordable prices.


Available 24/7

Once the TLX travel package is purchased you get immediate access to the TLX booking website.



Simply login to TLX and start enjoying the savings on + 800.000 luxury locations and themed TLX travel packs.

Hotels, Resorts & luxury destinations

Discount travel up to 60% off

TLX travel subscription allows you to book at a discounted rate on top of the best price you can find online.



Discount travel up to 60% off the best online rates.

Discounts at hotels, resorts, events, festivals & restaurants.

Special access to TLX themed trips & events with IM educators.

Access to TLX IMpact trips & events.

Access to travel & lifestyle ambassador content.

Anniversary TLX bonus trips (2 pers.) that get better every year.

TLX portal overview

Search your destination and pack your bags

Over 800.000 hotels and resorts worldwide

Discounts uo to 60% off best online prices

tlx travel and lifetime experience - amsterdam


tlx travel and lifetime experience - new york


tlx travel and lifetime experience - las vegas


special Themed travels

Crypto beach holidays

4 Days. 3 Nights. all inclusive discounts on tours & excurions
and live trading sessions with an educator from the academy

Crypto beach dominican replublic all inclusive with IM educator Kevin barquero - with the TLX travel end lifestyle experience
Crypto beach mexico all inclusive with NICK Gomez and the TLX travel end lifestyle experience
Crypto PIPS on the STRIP all inclusive with IM educator LEE Allen - with the TLX travel end lifestyle experience

Themed travel with crypto educators

These short travels are Crypto themed. This means, these hollidays are accompanied by a trader who will give live educational sessions about Crypto on the beach. In case you want to educate yourself in trading click here

Top destinations around the world

TLX Anytime Trips

Book all inclusive top destination hollidays around the world at 4-5 star properties as low as $89 per night.

Restaurant & Bar

Eat at the finest restaurants

With the TLX travel & lifestyle experience you can have also the possibility to
book outstanding restaurants at discounted pricing.

IMPACT Youth, Environment & the world

Special IMpact trips

Access to custom IMpact trips planned with a purpose driven cause behind it like impacting the youth, the environment and even impacting the world

Free all inclusive stay every yea

TLX anniversary trips

After every full year membership you can enjoy a free 2p all inclusive holliday at a top location.
And the destination gets better every additional year you stay on. Check out the video for the locations.